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Art to bring into their own rooms

The high-quality oil, acrylic, charcoal paintings can be purchased or rented for an individual period becomeBy renting pictures, you always set stylish artistic accents in your premises and at an attractive price. 

II offer all those interested in art have the opportunity to rent one or more of my   paintings for an individual period of timeDuring the rental period, you can rent additional images and exchange images you have already rented for other images (a one-time fee for exchanging images is CHF 200).

A rental price and a rental period are set for the images you rent. If desired, the rental period can be extended - even to the point of buying the picture.

If you decide to buy the painting during the rental, you will be charged 80% of the rental price.

The rental price (the rent is calculated monthly) depends on the value of the work of art, the size of the picture and the painting technique:

  6 months:  4% of the sales price per month

 12 months:  3% of the sales price per month

A work of art must at least for a month be rented and the minimum monthly rent is CHF 150

I can also deliver the artwork to your home up to 50 km from Zurich   (from 35 CHF).


Visit lagun ART studio in Zurich (Wollishofen) and be inspired by my artworks.

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