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I was born in Minsk (Belarus) and moved to Zurich (Switzerland) in 2004, where I work as an artist. The first artwork I painted when I was four years old was a copy of Viktor Vasnetsov’s painting, a famous Russian artist. The painting came easy to me and was natural, which is why it did not feel like a special or unique talent to me. Nevertheless, I continued to paint as a hobby throughout my teenage years and up to my economics degree at the University. 

I love to experiment with materials and different art styles: drawing with pastel, realistic portraits, sceneries with oil, abstraction with acrylic, minimalism with charcoal. But painting turned out to be my all-time favorite technique and realism my style. at the end figurative

In 2014, I got to know encaustic, a technique that uses hot wax as the medium. I started my research about the oldest drawing technique of the world and experimented with different materials. During the next three years that I worked with this technique, I made a collection of landscapes and seas. With this new collection, I successfully participated in several international exhibitions in Europe. Since 2017, additionally to encaustics, I am working on a new collection of paintings out of charcoal and gold leaves (24k). 

Since 2012, I organize up to two personal exhibitions a year, as well as participate in 4 to 5 international exhibitions.